Creating Entertainment for Film/TV/Web

Formed in 2005, Substance Production (SubProd) is the cocked and loaded offspring of maverick producers and brothers, Brett and Jason Butler. Based out of Toronto, SubProd is an independent production company dedicated to creating exciting and original content for film and the web. With multiple award-winning feature films (Mourning Has Broken, Confusions of an Unmarried Couple etc.) and several feature scripts in development, SubProd is unleashing a new and fearless form of entertainment into households worldwide.


Creating original, exciting and entertaining productions is what we do. Not only can SubProd produce a film or TV pilot from the ground up, we can take your idea/concept and help enhance it so you’re ready to pitch your script or take it to the next level on your own. How much you want SubProd to Enhance Your Entertainment is up to you.

Using only natural light, and shooting over five days, the Butler Brothers pulled off an indie act of excellence, leaving the rest of us breathless, enthused, and reaching for our abandoned scripts.”  – Jude Klassen, TMN Movie Entertainment Magazine (April 2014)

The Butler Brothers have enjoyed global success, including: Australia, Wales, South Africa, England and the USA, along with many stops in between. Critically acclaimed as “two of the strongest voices in indie film” (Dan Stasiewski, The Film Chair), the Butlers will continue to create and develop great entertainment with an independent twist.